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For the animal lover - A new series of dog portraits to personalize your yard or home. Create a special space for your special companion with this durable product that will last for years and years. They also make great memorial plaques and may be personalized for your needs.

All of our slate is milled in Brazil. Each piece measures approximately 10 inches square. The natural slate is porous and absorbs the premium exterior enamel paint used in the artwork. Because of this, no top coat is needed and this allows the original beauty of the slate to show through. Please allow for slight variation in color and shape.

Accessorize your art by choosing one of the following: Garden Stand (additional $20), Galvanized Wire ($0) or Neither. (please choose before adding product to the cart)

Let us know what you'd like to have written on your slate: Name, Address, your own saying or choose an example below:

Dog Sayings

Hope you brought a ball...
Got Treats?
I still live with my parents.
Please step over the guard dog.
Welcome to Awesomeville...population "me"
A home without a dog is just a house.
Sadie's Yard (insert name)
I'm the reason we can't have nice things...
Welcome to my Yard
Rover's Pad w/ paw print (insert name)
Caution...this dog can't control its "licker"
It's all about me...
No longer by my side, but always in my heart.
You left paw prints on our hearts.
Beloved pet and friend
My "fur"ever friend.